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Complete our online register form and try our service immediately! You get a full access to the rate card, test panel and allocation of numbers. Allocate the numbers by yourself as you like. For start you are just limited in minutes but you can use your account fully.

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Sign the agreement and send a scan version to us. Your account will be fully activated with no limitation. Assign more numbers and start increasing your traffic and revenues.You could also become a reseller and start increasing your revenues.

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After the end of every billing period we will send you a credit note with your minutes and the agreed rate. On completion of the payment cycle your payment will be send and credited to your nominated paypal or bank account.

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Welcome to Media Premium Number website, We provide domestic premium rate numbers and International premium rate numbers all over the world.Join Us today and Let Media Premium Number guide you to maximize your global earnings with premium rate numbers.

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UK44870 448704944800 150398xxxxx USA.
1822 uk mobile 1822447700038800 9122664xxxxx India Fixed Mumbai
1822 uk mobile 1822447418107300 990510002xxxxx
1822 uk mobile 1822447441896110 157664xxxxx USA.
1UK448716834 1822448716834100 131468xxxxx USA.
1UK448716834 1822448716834100 anonxxxxx
2UK 740657 1822447406523800 177324xxxxx USA.
871 UK 448713467200 65620xxxxx Singapore Fixed
Algeria C10 213553514750 +165028xxxxx
Algeria PRS 213660300201 165028xxxxx USA.
AZERBAIJAN PRS 994508273 994508273420 165028xxxxx USA.
AZERBAIJAN PRS 994559963 994555906420 165028xxxxx USA.
Barbados Mobile 1 12462333479 165028xxxxx USA.
Belgium 12 32467402918 65620xxxxx Singapore Fixed
Belgium32468 32463043940 4924113xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32468780090 4927007xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32463040400 4924331xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32467402918 4952183xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32468780090 165041xxxxx USA.
Belgium32468 32467402918 4928601xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32463040400 4943435xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32463040240 4947009xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32468780090 4947139xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32467402283 4943137xxxxx Germany Fixed
Belgium32468 32467402918 4921857xxxxx Germany Fixed
BelizeT 5016624045 216553xxxxx Tunisia Cellular-Orange
BelizeT 5016624045 68572xxxxx Western Samoa Cellular Digicel
BelizeT 5016624045 795410xxxxx Russia Cellular-GlobalTel Satellite
BelizeT 5016624045 67855xxxxx Vanuatu Republic
Cayman Islands 13459252741 199911xxxxx USA.
Cayman Islands 13455509912 xxxxx Russia Fixed
Cayman Islands 13452350017 00000xxxxx
Cayman Islands 13459252741 165028xxxxx USA.
Cayman Islands 13455509912 166138xxxxx USA.
Cuba-p 5354990659 486933xxxxx Poland Cellular-Plus
Cuba-p 5372640709 54926573xxxxx Argentina Cellular-Claro
Cuba-p 5372640709 519980xxxxx Peru Cellular-Movistar
Eritrea PRS 2 2917766321 144050xxxxx USA.
Eritrea PRS 2 2917946140 4779216xxxxx Norway Fixed
Eritrea*kavi 2917766321 1145316xxxxx USA.
Eritrea*kavi 2917946140 1064529xxxxx USA.
eritT 2917766321 18976386xxxxx USA.
Estonia PRS 37282500 37282500080 171470xxxxx USA.
GEORGIA PRS 995322010 995322010344 165028xxxxx USA.
Jamaica M 18768802077 165028xxxxx USA.
kappa test numbers 18696600994 9053221xxxxx Turkey Cellular-Turkcell
kappa test numbers 22394680947 2217684xxxxx Senegal Cellular-Tigo
kappa test numbers 231888957400 1493860xxxxx USA.
kappa test numbers 213670704427 1775713xxxxx USA.
kappa test numbers 240222286290 2217064xxxxx Senegal Cellular-Expresso
kappa test numbers 213670704427 1145786xxxxx USA.
Media-test 13450628207 +495572xxxxx
Media-test 12464185060 +495451xxxxx
Media-test 2206358576 +495959xxxxx
Media-test 13450628207 +495194xxxxx
Media-test 12464185060 184385xxxxx USA.
Media-test 2206358576 +495070xxxxx
Media-test 2206358576 Restrxxxxx
Morocco 212666493 212666493011 165028xxxxx USA.
MOROCCO PRS 212662963 212662963568 165028xxxxx USA.
PNG-drop2 6745597505 9677775xxxxx Yemen Cellular-Yementel
PNG-drop2 6745597505 9677725xxxxx Yemen Cellular-Yementel
PNG-drop2 6795190502 9677761xxxxx Yemen Cellular-Yementel
PNG-drop2 6745597505 9677736xxxxx Yemen Cellular-Yementel
switzerland 417 41799773040 4931464xxxxx Germany Fixed
switzerland 417 41742241090 4931290xxxxx Germany Fixed
switzerland 417 41748183801 4940046xxxxx Germany Fixed
switzerland 417 41742771785 4923196xxxxx Germany Fixed
switzerland 417 41799773040 4927020xxxxx Germany Fixed
switzerland 417 41742241090 4925408xxxxx Germany Fixed
switzerland 417 41748183801 4944305xxxxx Germany Fixed
switzerland 417 41742771785 4953532xxxxx Germany Fixed
Tunishia-216 21668269700 165028xxxxx USA.
Tunishia-216 21647257300 165028xxxxx USA.
Tunishia-216 21643911400 3938012xxxxx Italy Cellular-Wind
tunisia mobile 21647257300 792997xxxxx Russia Cellular-Megafon
Tunisia-nn 21694877900 165028xxxxx USA.
UK0044741811 1822447418107300 anonxxxxx
UK44787272 1822447418107300 187746xxxxx USA Toll Free
Uk447893306 1822447893306200 00150398xxxxx
Vanuatu 2 6785594092 unavaixxxxx
Western Samoa 2 6858494060 165028xxxxx USA.
Western Samoa 2 6858494060 120124xxxxx USA.
Western Samoa 2 6857215291 unavaixxxxx
western Samoa c 6858494060 165028xxxxx USA.
XUK74181 1822447418107300 Restrxxxxx
XUK74181 1822447418107300 177324xxxxx USA.
switzerland-new 41799790490 4941656xxxxx Germany Fixed
switzerland-new 41799790490 4942703xxxxx Germany Fixed


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